Romeo Doubs Has Done Something Incredible

This past Sunday Romeo Dobbs came in with the extra opportunity with both Christian Watson and Sammy Watkins out and had probably the best game of his entire career. in his young rookie career, only his third game had eight receptions and 70-ish yards in the first touchdown of his career and I came across this article this morning that sort of puts into perspective what Romeo Dobbs has done through his three first three games of the Season.
as you know later round draft picks fourth round rookie who is performing at a very high level, and I want to take a look at this sort of show what Romeo Dobbs has done so far.
Packers wide receiver Romeo dub has done something only two others in NFL history can catch, the rookie receiver is on Pace to be a massive steal for Green Bay so fourth round pick already playing very well so here I want to come down to this historically Dobbs’s 14 receptions, 137 yards and touchdown line over his first three games.
as a professional is very rare, only two players in NFL history Steve Largent and Marcus Colston have recorded as many receptions yards, and touchdowns as Dobbs in their first three games. after being drafted in the fourth round or later in the draft.
Largent eventually developed into a five-time All-Pro receiver and was named to the NFL’s 100th-anniversary all-time team, as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame Coulson was never named a pro bowler but is enshrined in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame and revolutionized the big slaw position, that players like the Packers Alan Lazard, now play your eyes are not deceiving you.
Dobbs is doing something special right now after making plays throughout the summer we’re now seeing him hit a pace that has rarely been set by players drafted as late as he was taken in the 2022 draft if he sticks to his averages from the first three weeks of the Season Dobbs over a 17 Game season would record 79 receptions for 776 yards and six touchdowns on the year.
so we see right there just how productive Dobbs has been for a fourth-round receiver, and we knew coming in this year with Devante Adams no longer here with Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs, both coming in at first.
I sort of thought Christian Watson would be the guy to come in here and get things done sooner, just because of him being a second-round pick but he has Dell unfortunately with injuries, a knee injury in training camp missed most of training camp, and then now of course dealing with a hamstring injury as well.
Hopefully, he’s ready soon but Romeo Dobbs coming in has stayed healthy, he’s been able to build that chemistry with Rogers throughout training camp, and he’s coming here in week three with Sammy Watkins down.
He had a total of 56 snaps as opposed to only 25 in week two and we saw him make the most of the opportunities he had here I feel like going forward with Sammy Watkins still on the injured reserve at least for the next three games.
Dobbs is going to continue getting a lot more snapped and I honestly think that in the next few weeks he’s going to continue to make plays and get open, because we’ve seen him he’s able to create separation a lot of the time very good when it comes to short routes intermediate route intermediate routes, and we haven’t even seen him come in and have you know some crazy deep ball which he did a lot in college, so there’s still another aspect of his game that he can build on.
I drafted Dobbs in my fantasy draft in round 14, I’m excited to see what he does going forward,

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